The Global SDG 7 Conference started in Bangkok, Thailand on 21st February. In our previous article  we discussed how SDG 7 represents a major milestone since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). SDG 7 as we know has key interlinkages towards poverty eradication, food security, clean water and sanitation, health, infrastructure, education, prosperity, jobs creation, empowerment of youth and women and climate change. Therefore, the links are directed towards all 16 other SDGs

 It is critical that youth today are involved in the implementation and review of the SDG 7 and there are adequate mechanisms introduced for youth action to be considered. This is among the concerns that should be raised during the SDG 7 review this year. Therefore, it is also important that platforms like Global SDG 7 Conference which is also an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) create a space for youth to express views. We are pleased to note that two energetic young practitioners will be presenting today (23rd) on behalf of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth at the high level plenary sessions of the SDG 7 conference.

  Ms. Naditha Imbulana from Sri Lanka will speak at the session “Water-Energy-Food Nexus” (14:00 –15:30 local time) and Ms. Sarmin Rauf from Nepal will speak at the session “Financing SDG 7” (15:30–17:00 local time). Both these sessions fall under the thematic group, "Partnerships to advance the interlinkages between SDG7 and other SDGs". Sarmin and Naditha are both studying at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Sarmin is reading on “Analysis of the factors facilitating and impeding renewable energy financing in nepal” for her thesis and Naditha, “Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on River Morphology and Resulting Socio-economic Vulnerability of the Community: A Case Study of Chindwin River Basin, Myanmar”. They will bring in their experiences obtained through the grassroot level growing up and expertise of working in the related fields as practitioners.

 Furthermore, to enhance the youth participation further we would like to bring the attention towards the innovation challenge opened by the secretariat. UN is seeking concrete solutions, innovations, and partnerships from all stakeholders in support of Goal 7 in the support of the review of SDG 7 at the 2018 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.